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Sanding & Refinishing

At Vivid Hardwood Flooring, we see your home, not just a job site.

Occasionally updating your existing hardwood floors is a necessary part of the life cycle of the floor. But it does not need to be a messy inconvenience. Our mission is to provide efficient, thorough sanding and refinishing services to get you back to enjoying life on your hardwood floors as quickly as possible. With our extensive experience,

Sanding aged hardwood floors not only creates dust, but can also release harmful fumes from old finishes into the air. Vivid Hardwood Flooring utilizes a professional dust collection system during the sanding process. This system eliminates over 90% of the mess and fumes created while sanding, leaving your home and air as clean as possible. Once the floor is sanded, then the rewarding part of the process begins. Custom stain blends and finish sheens are among a few of the options available in the refinishing process.

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